Situated in the bustling heart of the City of London, 25 Moorgate offers an unmatched opportunity and potential for food and beverage enterprises aiming to captivate an affluent demographic. Surrounded by the financial, legal, and corporate powerhouses of the city, this location promises consistent high foot traffic of professionals with the means and taste for premium dining experiences.


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A Premier Destination

Prime Location

25 Moorgate is perfectly positioned to attract a wealthy, professional clientele. With major transport hubs such as Moorgate, Bank, and Liverpool Street stations just steps away, your space is accessible to both local professionals and commuting customers.

BRAND Prestige

Amidst landmarks like the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange, your presence at 25 Moorgate enhances your brand's prestige. This high-profile setting not only elevates your visibility but also attracts premium clientele looking for exceptional experiences.

Strategic Visibility

Take advantage of the area's dense commercial population and high foot traffic. Occupying space at 25 Moorgate places your brand in the spotlight, surrounded by influential businesses and affluent consumers who value high-quality food and service.


Just a short walk from cultural hotspots like the Barbican Centre and St. Paul’s Cathedral, 25 Moorgate offers a vibrant mix of retail and leisure that attracts a diverse audience. This dynamic setting ensures your space benefits from the rich cultural tapestry and high foot traffic.